MGi hosts Vision 2020/2040 Executive Workshop on sustainable development in The Sultanate of Oman

Under the auspices of Her Highness Sayyida Hujaija Jaifer Saif Al Said, Modern Gulf Institute (MGi) hosted a workshop on developing sustainable talent and accelerating skills development for Omani nationals at the Intercontinental Hotel on the 19th of September, 2016.

The workshop was attended by like-minded executives in Human Resources, Training and Development, and included industry leaders from various sectors such as Banking, Auditing, Tourism and Hospitality, Telecommunications, Power and Energy, Information Technology and Local Ministry.

The workshop was aimed at participants sharing their opinions and perspectives on the types of training required by the private and government sector, as well as identifying gaps in the market and how these gaps can be filled based on In Country Values (ICV).

Deidre Harvey, Director of MGi said the following: "With the current economic climate, organisations are expected to meet training needs with diminishing training budgets. As it is still imperative that organisations provide the right people with the right training for the right jobs, MGi will certainly use the data gathered wisely in our efforts to meet market needs, exceed market expectations and provide top quality affordable local training."

MGi specialises in Corporate training for Management and Leadership Development and has four Executive Coaches who provide Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, for coaching global leaders of the future.

Data gathered at the workshop is available to local organisations and training providers on request at

Nicole Smart
Master of Ceremonies, Corporate Trainer for Management & Leadership Development and Executive Coach at MGi.

As highly sought after and experienced Corporate Trainers for Management & Leadership Development, MGI (Modern Gulf Institute) have gained extensive insight into the local market in terms of the type of training that produces the greatest results and ROI.

In tough economic times, many organisation often makes the fundamental error of compromising upon the training needs that are required to continue to motivate their employees.

These are very common questions that are often raised.

Dr Salim A. Al Flaiti, HRBP, Director of Human Resources at Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre to share his views:

"Allocating costs in times of scarcity is intricate. Companies are faced with the question of “where to spend the shrinking funds?” from all interested stakeholders. While smart companies only spend on core services to contain costs, smarter companies spend on creating a niche and generate revenue.

The smartest companies, however, invest in training their employees on various issues to combat the hard times and create and lead successful endeavors to profitable sustainable business decisions."

As professional training facilitators, MGI aims to answer these questions and partner with our valued clientele to bridge the gap and ensure that they are not simply wasting their funds on aimless training that reaps no return.

This can be achieved by conducting a simple- training needs analysis in determining the potential skills and most pertinently, ATTITUDE gaps that may exist within your teams.

Nicole Smart
Corporate Trainer For Management and Leadership Development; Executive Coach; NLP Practitioner and Guest speaker

Together everyone achieves more - "TEAM OCEC" unite with MGI for team building

Passion, commitment and synergy are the buzz words of team OCEC. The Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (OCEC) recently conducted a team building and motivation workshop for its employees, in partnership with MGI (Modern Gulf Institute) pioneers in leadership and management development programmes in Oman.

The day was uniquely centered around OCEC’s core values: OCEC FIRST Each team was required to build a mini-exhibition stand portraying the very essence of their respective OCEC core values:

Ownership - We take responsibility for everything in OCEC; Care - We look after our centre, our customer and our staff; Excellence - We strive for the best in every single thing we do in OCEC; Consistency - Everyone who comes to our centre receives the exact same high-quality service; Fairness - We are guided by our honest intent in doing the right thing; Innovation - We develop creative solutions; Respect - We embrace diverse cultures, communities and beliefs; Social Responsibility - All our activities are in harmony with our environment and community; and Trust - Total transparency in all our actions.

The exhibition stands were required to portray the respective core value in both look, feel and narrative. The team members were also required to verbally present the essence of the exhibition, the value being represented and how they went about creating the synergy between the two.

The day was action packed with fun and exciting twists in the development of the respective stands.

A de-brief on the various activities followed and learning points were discussed allowing the team members to reflect as a group on the learning objectives, and how they tie into in the day to- day interaction amongst each other as well as with their valued stakeholders.

The day concluded with the amalgamation of all the respective values into the unified OCEC mission:

To host successful events that exceed all expectations, without compromising our core values, for the benefit of Oman and our stakeholders.

Trevor McCartney, General Manager, Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre said: "I was delighted to see the OCEC team in action upholding our core values and I was impressed with the organisation and management of the event by MGI. Definitely, a day well spent!"