Nicole Smart internatIONAL (PTY) LTD

Nicole Smart is an Irish national (EU),  born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa.

 She began her training career in 1997 counselling and up-skilling American youth at the YMCA Camp Thunderbird in Lake Wylie, South Carolina, United States of America. 

She also headed up the Acting and Drama Programme focussing on confidence and public performance development. 

Thereafter, in 1999, she worked as a sales executive in the hospitality industry in Algarve, Portugal.

She continued gaining international experience when she relocated to Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2009, immediately building knowledge and a better understanding of Middle Eastern markets and culture.

Nicole relocated to Muscat, Oman and between 2011-2019 she played an instrumental role in training Omani nationals and expatriates alike towards the countries ‘Vision 2020’ Omanisation initiative: training and coaching towards the sustainable development of the private
sector and closing Omanisation gaps within all levels of management and leadership development.

Nicole Smart International (PTY) Ltd is an independent consultant and  trains, coaches, consults and speaks across the globe.

In April 2018, Nicole was selected as one of 10 international speakers to host a TED Talk for TEDx Muscat Live (Oman) on: The importance of contributing to a greener society.

She was interviewed on Hussam El-Hage’s Podcast series in Dubai, UAE in July 2019, to discuss her journey in Executive Training,  Coaching and International Guest speaking.

Her all-encompassing experience in the field of business, psychology and guest speaking in front of audiences world-wide, has been the basis on which her success as a training consultant and executive coach is comprised.

Nicole specialises in high-impact,  executive development workshops, closing skills gaps and focusing on individual and team attitude and behaviour adaptation.
Nicole has 25 years’ experience in the corporate arena, specialising in integrated organisational development and critical skills including, not limited to: Executive Leadership, Management and Team Development, One-On-One Coaching,  Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience of Communication (Conversational Intelligence), Diversity-Inclusion and Cultural Intelligence, Stakeholder Management and Engagement, Organisational Behaviour, Employee Motivation and Engagement, Business Writing, Train-the-Trainer, Executive Presence and Corporate Visibility, Creative and Critical Thinking for Problem Solving, Time and Stress Management, Building Inclusive and Harmonious teams, Business Acumen, Understanding and Managing Organisational Culture, Advanced Presentation Etiquette and Voice Projection (Nicole is trained in Television Presenting),  Managing and Improving Business Performance, Sales and New Business Development, Entrepreneurship Development,  Organisational Vision, Mission and Core Values, Women in Leadership (empowerment) and all people-centric development skills.